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Over 75 years of diverse industry experience PSI has advanced project and organizational management training. We accurately analyze and plan all phases of a contract with our management team of Project and Organizational Managers. Our proven strategies allow us to execute all phases of each contract to ensure organized and accurate processes to assist customers in maximizing their return on investment. Through design and execution of operations PSI helps customers deliver world-class value to their customers to become market leaders in their industry.

PSI has been involved in projects, which encompass federal government housing projects, state welcome centers, state and local museums, educational centers and health care facilities.  These projects offered challenges, which were met with adhering to industry standards and safety requirements to ensure on-time delivery and completion of contractual obligations with superior customer satisfaction.

PSI strives to be the preferred provider of services in the areas of construction, demolition, site preparation. Our goal is to help our clients meet and exceed their challenges and expectations with the focus on delivering high quality, competitive services that are best in value for our customer’s strategic growth.

Phoenix Systems International, Inc.

PSI currently is the single largest transportation provider to the US Army in the Continental United States (CONUS). We provide Heavy Equipment Transport (HET), services to the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCOE) at Ft. Benning GA., providing a onetime single heavy lift capability of more than 100 tons, while safely transporting over 1200 pieces of heavy combat equipment annually.

PSI provides its customers with dependable transportation services based on fair and competitive pricing programs with an emphasis on customer services for all parties concerned. We are a proven heavy equipment transport provider with a track record of delivering reliable, cost effective results for demanding clients.

Our expertly trained drivers have experience completing transport services for a variety of types of equipment and freight. Our supervisors and managers bring decades of experience and expertise to the heavy haul project, placing safety first and ensuring success at every step of the process.